Bed Sheet Fundraiser - the BEST of fundraising ideas!

Bed Sheet Fundraiser - the BEST of fundraising ideas!

Bed Sheet Fundraiser - the BEST of fundraising ideas!Bed Sheet Fundraiser - the BEST of fundraising ideas!Bed Sheet Fundraiser - the BEST of fundraising ideas!

Put Your Fundraising Needs to Bed


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…...Let me tell you a story

Five years ago I was on a plane to a conference. Beside me was a couple heading to Disney World. They asked me what I did and I told them I sold chocolate and Yankee Candles as fundraisers. They said that they loved my products, but had I tried Bed Sheets WHAT??? Bed Sheets as a fundraiser? They said their school has done one and it was great; but the second time it was super great. People loved the sheets. 

We looked for a sheet company to represent, but instead my son, his friend, and I started Southern Sheets. Since that time, we have sold thousands of sheet sets, pillows, and bamboo socks. We now have hundreds of happy customers who come back time and time again to get the “ONLY SHEETS I CAN SLEEP WELL ON”.

This summer we are coming out with our Sheet Brochure #5. It will include sheet sets in Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King All in 16 different colors including our newest ROYAL BLUE. A limited supply of sheet swatches are available for group fundraisers. We will also add to the brochure BAMBOO SOCKS and our favorite HARMONY PILLOW. 

Let us help you with your next fundraising program….Just put your fundraising needs to bed.

Joe Trice, President Southern Sheets

Geoffrey happy customer of Southern Sheets

Customers Like Us

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customers Like Us

Customers love us!

Here are some quotes:

"without a doubt, this was the easiest and best fundraising we have done..."

 High School Band, NC

"you (Southern Sheets) made it so easy to raise a lot of money in a  short amount of time..."  High School Band, WV

"Their (Southern Sheets) customer service is excellent!"  High School Band, NY

"Customers order bed sheets over and over again"  Christian School, VA

"I can't find your sheets anywhere - send me yours!!!   Arizona Customer"


Hundreds of Customers

Gabby laying comfortably on Southern Sheets

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you and your patrons to be happy!

We have a 90 day guarantee on any defective or damaged products. This is the best of fundraising ideas and people LOVE our softest bed sheets.

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